Remember that old movie, Hook, with Robin Williams?
He grows up, gets successful, and loses connection with what really matters, his kids. Jon Vroman
Can you relate?
For some reason, success in business has often come at the cost of success in the home. Jon Vroman is on a one-man-mission top change all that
Today, he joins the Male Entrepreneur Podcast to share:
  • Why high-performing guys don’t always succeed in their home lives
  • What prevents us from finding work-life balance
  • The reason guys don’t talk about their personal lives (and why they should change that)
  • What kind of books we should be reading to reach our true potential
  • The one thing most successful men are all missing in life
  • Why divorce rates are rising and blindsiding modern men
  • How a life-threatening disease can improve your life
  • A heartbreaking story that will make you thankful for every day
  • How being charitable can take away from what really matters
  • And a lot more
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