“How To” books and “What To” guides are all the rage.
“If I could just figure out how to do _____, everything would come together for me.”
“If I could just get my hands on _____, this would all be a lot easier.”
Most guys chase this elusive dream to the ends of the earth while ignoring the most valuable resource they have right in front of them… the people in their life.
If you’re tired of chasing the bright shiny objects. If you’re done with buying endless courses and seminars. If you want to leverage your already-existing relationships to their full potential. This is the podcast episode for you.
In it, you’ll find out:
  • Why the “Do-it-Yourself” mentality might be holding you back
  • How to turn your mentors into your clients
  • Why not all coaches are a joke
  • The quickest way to find success in life and business
  • Why building your network should be your main focus right now
  • What to do when you have nothing of value to offer to the people you need help from
  • How to find your own hidden superpowers
  • Why going with the biggest name in a niche might be a giant mistake for your business
  • What most people get wrong about “Strategic Partnerships”
  • Why business relationships are just as important as personal relationships
  • The biggest thing people do wrong when picking their business partnerships
  • And more
Listen now.

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