Too Many Irons in the Fire
In Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, he talks about having more than one course of income.
His “Rich Dad”, as he explains in the book, always had his fingers in a bunch of different pies. The lesson was, one of those pies would eventually pay off and that’s how his rich dad got rich.
Couple this with the popular idea of multiple streams of income and you have a honey pot for naive entrepreneurs, ready to suck up their time and resources.
There is a danger to pursuing multiple streams of income, and we uncover it in this week’s episode. You’ll find out:
  • Why people tend to lose money trying to save money
  • The scary truth about multiple income sources
  • How to grow more than one business when there’s only one of you
  • The personality trait that makes you a good business owner, but can also lead to your downfall
  • Why so many entrepreneurs get burnt on what look like promising opportunities
  • The two things you should always do before jumping into a new business opportunity
  • The biggest things business owners end up wasting their time and spinning their wheels on
  • How marketing might destroy your business
  • Why distraction is your worst enemy as an entrepreneur
  • Who to know when to commit and when to pivot
  • And a lot more
Listen now.

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