Love him or hate him, one thing is clear, Trump is a force which cannot be ignored.
This week, we take a nuanced yet critical view at the current POTUS. Is he the monster the media makes him out to be? Is he the savior his supporters claim him to be? Is the truth somewhere in the middle? And what does his presidency say about leadership in the modern age?
All this, plus:
  • The one Donald Trump book everyone should read, whether they like him or not
  • Why you might want to get a ghostwriter for your own book
  • One major way the media is capitalizing on the Trump presidency
  • The hidden dangers in some of Trump’s language
  • Why Trump gets different treatment for doing the same things as past presidents
  • The biggest leadership qualities that are lacking in our current world
  • What happens when businesses become too powerful
  • Why powerful people tend to lose touch with the rest of humanity
  • Seven ways fatherhood is under attack in America
  • And a lot more
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