Have you ever sacrificed a good thing, chasing something that didn’t work out?
As social media and CRM’s continue to pop up, good old fashion networking gets neglected. But if you’re smart, you know the value of trusted solutions to timeless problems. As more and more of our interactions become digitized, real-world connections will be the ones that stand out from the crowd.
Adam Posner knows this, and he’s helped a lot of guys like you use this simple truth to build their networks and level up their lives. In this podcast episode, he reveals:
  • How to take online connections offline
  • What the digital revolution left behind
  • One major way social media is making networking harder
  • The easiest way to start expanding your network today
  • Why right now is the best time to be in the job market (and how to leverage that to your advantage)
  • How LinkedIn can position you as incredibly valuable to clients and employers
  • How minimum wage and taxes impact the job market
  • Why we need to stop living to work
  • How immigration impacts global economics
  • And a lot more
Listen now and get more from Adam at

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