How many men build an empire, only to lose connection with the ones who will ultimately be their legacy?
You miss birthdays baseball games for board meetings. You tell them goodnight over video chat. Everything you do is so that they can live a better life, but what would they have to remember you by if they lost you tomorrow?
Dr. Brookh Lyons is the author of an amazing new book called the Envelope System. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but what she has to say will shake you to the core. If you’re a father, looking to connect deeper with your children, you NEED to hear this message.
You’ll discover:
  • The best way to connect with your kids when you’re a busy parent
  • Why your kids need you the most when you’re not around
  • How to be there for them, even when you’re not
  • One simple thing you can do to make all your interactions with your kids instantly more impactful (especially with your daughters)
  • The biggest ways to find happiness in an imperfect situation
  • How to deal with the fact that kids today are more knowledgable about the world (for better or worse)
  • Why tiny changes in routine are so damaging to kids
  • How to connect with your kids, even in their most rebellious years
  • When the best time to start open communication with your kids is
  • 3 business lessons that translate over into being a great father
  • And a lot more
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