It seems like everywhere you look, masculinity is under attack. Hollywood wants men to be more sensitive. Gender Studies professors want men to be less “toxic”. But is this really what women want from their men?
Alexandra Sophia joins us as the very first female on the Male Entrepreneur podcast. She’s here to shed some light on what men and women are supposed to bring to the relationship. What she has to say might shock you.
Listen to hear her thoughts on:
  • The dangers of declining masculinity on the western population
  • How to find deeper love and passion with your partner
  • Why the media seems obsessed with flipping gender roles
  • How to be more attractive to women (even feminist) by being more masculine
  • The real reason why marketers are pushing anti-male messages in their advertising
  • How social media is destroying healthy relationships
  • 1 simple trick to keeping the magic alive in a long term relationship
  • And a lot more
Guys, you don’t want to miss this one. Listen now.

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