Here’s a secret most people don’t know about the music industry. The rock star up on stage isn’t the one making all the money off their music. Sure, they get all the spotlight. But it’s the people behind the scenes who end up raking in the cash.
This is true in the entrepreneurial world as well. Start-ups get all the attention. But investors make most of the money. And you don’t have to bet in on the next Uber to cash in. In fact, the less sexy investments are the ones that pay out the most. Don’t believe me? Check out what our guest, James Preston, has to say about it. He’s been investing in various businesses since 1978 and he’s a millionaire, multiple times over.
This week, James joins us to discuss:
  • Why you don’t need to build a massive business in order to create massive wealth
  • The difference between a small business and a start-up (and why that matters to an investor)
  • What two businesses have the best chance of turning a profit during an economic downturn
  • Why most investors are planning for the exact opposite of what they should be planning for
  • How to “Recession-Proof” your portfolio
  • What to do when the bottom falls out on the economy (and why it’s the opposite of what most business owners do)
  • The first steps you should take today to start building your assets portfolio
  • How to use the tricks of Wall Street in your own businesses
  • The one mistake that makes your business impossible to sell
  • And a lot more
James Preston’s website

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