Arno Michaelis created a monster. when he was a teenager, he helped found one of America’s largest hate groups. Now he spends his time undoing the damage.
This week, he joins the podcast to explain how he found his way into the world of white supremacy, what he discovered while there, and what eventually lead to him leaving. The secrets he reveals might shock you.
Listen as he shows you:
  • What attracts people to hate groups
  • How these groups recruit people into their ranks
  • Why men are more attracted to hate groups than women are
  • What makes people vulnerable to joining hate groups
  • The origins of popularizing white-nationalism
  • Why the National Socialists Movement recently signed over their organization to a black man
  • What helped lead Arno to leave the organization
  • How to reach people and get them out of these groups
  • And more
Listen now.

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