Most business owners like to brag about how big their business is. They find their value in how big of a team they manage or how big their office building is. Without making the obvious compensation jokes, there is something wrong with this picture.
In the last few years, we’ve seen industry giants collapse. We’ve seen “too big to fail” corporations run to the government for bailout money. We’ve seen CEO’s get fired and workforces lose their pensions. And most of it could have been avoided if only the people in charge were focused on the right things.
  • Why most entrepreneurs are focused on tracking the wrong metrics
  • One main reason giant corporations keep failing in the modern market
  • Why “Bigger” isn’t always better
  • How to prepare for economic downturns
  • What you really need to focus on if you want your business growth to be healthy
  • The 2 most important things you need to improve as your business grows
  • Why going after new customers is a waste of your money
  • What the Japanese companies are doing to establish market dominance (don’t ignore this one)
  • Why Biggie was right when he said “More money, more problems”
  • One thing entrepreneurs can actually learn from the big corporations
  • And a lot more
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