Imagine growing up the mean streets of an inner city. Your father is a beast. You fall in with the wrong crowd. Before you know it, you’re flirting with a life of crime and all the possible consequences that go with it.
Now, imagine being able to turn that all around. Instead of a life sentence in prison, you’re working with some of the most successful people in the world. Instead of beating people up, you’re changing their lives for the better. Instead of struggling to get by, you’re living the life of a rock star.
It takes a certain type of mindset to make this change possible. Billy Beck had that mindset. This week, on the podcast, he’s sharing some of his most powerful insights with you.
You’ll discover:
  • What kinds of gifts turn boys into men
  • How to pivot when you hit rock bottom (hard)
  • Which people you need to get the attention of if you want to excel in your field
  • Why you’re likely setting your goals to low (and how to fix that)
  • The best way to master any skill
  • How to turn one opportunity in infinite opportunities
  • Why bullies are actually needed in society
  • 1 mind-blowing fact about your personal health that even your doctor doesn’t know
  • How to find a balance between being tough and being empathetic
  • And more
Warning. This one gets a little raw. May not be safe for work.
Listen anyway.
And oh ya! Billy was rated the World’s Best Personal Trainer!

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