There’s a secret to attaining true happiness. This same secret will help you reach your goals faster and make reaching them that much more meaningful. The title gave it away, but the secret we’re talking about is “living in the NOW.”
It might sound a little woo, but there’s sound reasoning behind it. Purdeep reveals what all the most fulfilled entrepreneurs have in common, and how you can share it with them.
Tune in to this week’s episode and discover:
  • How to tap into your inner forces and achieve a state of flow
  • The success differences and similarities between Western and Eastern cultures
  • Why the Law of Attraction is only half true
  • What science is now saying about spirituality
  • Why success and fulfillment are not the same thing
  • How the music you listen to can help you program yourself
  • The hidden reason most people never get out of debt
  • How to better enjoy the moment
  • And more
Listen now.

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