In music, they call it the “Sophomore Curse.” A musician comes out, pours their heart and soul into their first album and crushes it on the billboards. They go out on tour. They reach all their goals. They head back into the studio to record their second album… and it flops.
What happened?
Why do so many people find it impossible to hold onto success? Is there a force pulling them back down to where they started? Is it something they do to themselves? How can you avoid this same fate?
Purdeep reveals the truth about what’s going on and why it affects so many great men throughout history. Tune in and discover:
  • Why toxic masculinity isn’t always a bad thing
  • Are you wasting energy on things that will never pay off?
  • The real reason we build monuments, cities, and businesses
  • 3 tips for tapping into your inner force
  • Why mindfulness is so important in reaching your full potential
  • How to ensure you’ll get the most out of everyday
  • The 2 biggest things we do to set ourselves up for failure in life (and how to change it)
  • Positive ways to embrace your masculinity (and why you MUST do it)
  • The biggest reason people fall from grace once they’ve reached success
  • And more
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