As men get older and more successful, their sexual currency becomes more valuable. Sex might be the biggest drive for most men to become successful in the first place. But what if we’re putting the cart before the horse?
What if, in order to reach your full potential in business, you needed to first be reaching a level of satisfaction in bed? Sounds crazy, right? But hear us out. There might be a compelling link between a healthy sex life and a healthy bottom line.
In this week’s episode, we take a look under the linens. You’ll hear about:
  • How sex and success can be a perpetual energy machine
  • Why long-term relationships tend to fizzle out after time
  • The real reason why most guys cheat (especially successful guys)
  • How to keep the passion alive with your lady
  • The best way to express your love for your partner
  • The biggest reason why a bad sex life threatens your business
  • 3 shocking reasons women can find even the most successful men undesirable
  • And more
Listen Now.

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