Amateurs spend all their time trying out new tactics. Gurus always say, “the tactics won’t work unless you’ve got a solid strategy in place first.” But without getting this first thing right, neither tactics or strategy will be of any value to you.
What is the key ingredient missing from most people’s approach to life and business? Purdeep reveals it in this week’s episode, along with:
  • Why most people fail eight times out of ten
  • How a Roman Emperor laid the path for success in the modern world
  • Why women are better at expressing their emotions (but not always better at controlling them)
  • The truth about logical thinking
  • How to keep a positive attitude, even when a project flops
  • 3 different groups of people who are using your emotions against you
  • Why breathing and meditation help you keep control over your emotions
  • And more
Listen now.

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