It seems like a new ad for a new marketing agency is popping up every day on my Facebook newsfeed.
Some fresh-faced kid I’ve never seen, posing in front of some wealth signifying status symbols, making promises they have no idea about how to deliver.
And business owners like you and me end up footing the bill while they try to figure out what they’re doing at our expense.
So why, even after all that, am I still marketing my business?
Tune in to this week’s episode for the answer to that question and more. You’ll discover:
  • Why bad marketing is even worse than no marketing at all
  • How to avoid throwing your money at bad marketing
  • Why you need to understand your marketing, even if you don’t want to be a marketer
  • The reason “more leads” isn’t what your business needs
  • The people you should actually be marketing to
  • Why you need to treat your customers and clients like wild horses
  • How to tell if a marketing agency can actually help you
  • What to do when your marketing fails
  • The two qualities you must look for in a good marketer
  • How to map out an emotional journey in your marketing
  • And a lot more.
Listen now.

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