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Episode 77 – Decision-Making Secrets from the World’s Most Successful People

Your decisions have an impact. They affect more than just you. Make the wrong decision and the people around you feel the consequences. Your family, your team, your bottom line; you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a …

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Episode 76 – Landing Big Ticket Clients with Dr. Pelé

People don’t care about your elevator pitch. As soon as you start talking, they’re already looking for reasons to leave. As soon as you start pitching, they see red flags and start raising their defenses. So, how do you start a conversation with big-ticket clients …

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Episode 75 – The Dirty Little Start-Up Secret That Nobody Talks About

Here’s a secret most people don’t know about the music industry. The rock star up on stage isn’t the one making all the money off their music. Sure, they get all the spotlight. But it’s the people behind the scenes who end up raking in …

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Episode 74 – The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make

More important than your circle of friends. More important than the school you attend. More important than the career path you follow. Choosing your partner is more important than all the other decisions you’ll make in life.   Choose wisely and you’ll have a pillar of support …

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Episode 73 – How To Recognize Your Own Self-Worth

You get what you think you deserve in life. Most people stop at limitations they imposed on themselves. When you can remove those limiting beliefs, you can unlock your true potential.   The keys to your freedom are already in you. Wanna find out how …

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Episode 72 – Tackling the Toxicity of Celebrity Sex Trafficking

Warning, this one is not for the faint of heart.   Is there a dark side of success? If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, it would seem that there is. Jeffery Epstein is back in the spotlight and the crimes he’s accused of, …

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