Purdeep Sangha – Founder of The Male Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Mentor & Strategist For Men In Business

Purdeep Sangha is an authority on performance psychology, mindfulness, leadership, and business growth. He is also a leader in the science and art of Self-Mastery.

His inspiration for The Male Entrepreneur was his father, who ironically passed away shortly before seeing Purdeep’s vision come true. His father was an entrepreneur who had immigrated here from India with $11 in his pocket. He worked a minimum wage labor job for many years before starting his own business. Purdeep learned many lessons from his father. Positive attributes such as: values, being strong as a man, masculinity, and never giving up. But he also learned the challenges that came along with being a struggling entrepreneur: the feelings of guilt, not being good enough, and addictions. Seeing his father struggle and having struggled himself, Purdeep’s motivation is to ensure that other male entrepreneurs have the knowledge, tools and skills to create a more profitable business and fulfilling life for them and their family.

He grew up in small town in British Columbia, Canada. He started working on an orchard at the age of 9 and at 16, he was managing over 50 people. He still considers himself to be an orchard boy as his family still has an orchard growing apples and cherries.

Throughout his years, Purdeep was committed to studying successful businesses and was determined to find out what made one entrepreneur more successful over another. He spent thousands of hours studying the best businesses around the world and also attended four of the top business schools in North America such as MIT, Stanford, Ivey and Schulich. Prior to starting his own business, Purdeep was a successful executive at a multi-billion dollar organization and led various divisions and initiatives such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience, Operations, Project Management, and Innovation. 

Now, Purdeep dedicates his time to helping other entrepreneurs and spending time with his family. 

He also loves to podcast, workout, learn new things, and spend time in nature with animals.

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There is nothing on this earth that can stop a man who has mastered himself and unlocked his INNER FORCE. This is how men WIN!


Purdeep Sangha

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